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April 2014:  Syd Wilder is pleased to announce that she's booked the role of Stacy in the Zom-Com feature,  "Night of the Living Deb" alongside Michael Cassidy (MEN AT WORK), Ray Wise, and David Krumholtz (HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER).  Her appearance in the cult horror film, "Piranhaconda" aired on the SyFy channel, and her total online video viewcount reached 7.5 MILLION views between YouTube & Funny or Die.

March, 2014:  It was MARCH MADNESS for Syd Wilder this month!  After her appearances on Tosh.0 (COMEDY CENTRAL) and Men at Work (TBS), she appeared on the Adam Carolla Podcast alongside Howie Mandel and CA State Assemblyman Mike Gatto.

On top of this, she launched two new sketches on her channel:
"If Your GPS Could Talk Back" was featured on the front page of Funny or Die and Right This Minute.
"March Madness" was featured on Terez Owens.

She also was featured in Nice Piece's "First Kiss (DELETED SCENES)" parody, which has over 240,000 views on YouTube, and launched a new version of her reel.

February, 2014: Syd has co-wrote another comedy sketch for Valentine's Day with Megan Grano and is producing it as well. Look for this new Valentine's parody co-starring Adam Ray, on Funny or Die and her YouTube Channel. Steppin' Out Magazine, an entertainment magazine based in New Jersey, is featuring Syd on their cover with an article on her career in fast track mode and gorgeous photos. Funny or Die just named Syd's iconic video, "How To Take a Slutty Selfie" as one of the Top 25 Videos on the Funny or Die website for 2013, and they have just featured her newest video, "Best Workout Period" on their homepage, which is a big honor for Syd. She partnered up with Bad Weather Films once again to shoot another movie parody trailer with famous YouTube prankster Vitaly. Lastly, Syd is enjoying doing her weekly picks every Wednesday at noon pacific on 

January, 2014: Syd co-wrote and produced a new comedic sketch called "Best Workout Period," with celeb trainer, Mark Harari and Megan Batoon which was released on her Funny or Die and YouTube Channel. Syd appeared on the Playboy Morning Radio Show to promote her videos, "Victoria's Other Secret" and "Best Workout Period." Gladys Magazine also featured Syd in their Winter Issue. Syd started co-hosting a weekly crowd funding show with Hollywood producer turned crowd funder, Brad Wyman and cinema photographer / crowd funding expert, Ed Gutentag. The show airs every Wednesday at noon and can be found on Another highlight was filming an episode of Tosh.0 with Daniel Tosh for the upcoming new season. Syd gets to play a fun and sexy dominatrix in the comedy sketch on Tosh.0. Details to follow on when the episode is set to air.

December 2013: Syd co-wrote with Megan Grano, and produced a Christmas sketch "Victoria's Other Secret," which was released on the Funny or Die website on December 3rd and currently has 250,000 views., featured Syd as "The One To Watch" on their entertainment/celebrity oriented website, with a feature article and photos. Syd also collaborated with Bad Weather Films on a comedy sketch called, "Hot Girl Problems" featuring Syd with Megan Batoon and Camilla Cleese.  Syd was featured in a You Tube Parody for a Darth Vader Trailer, which is another Bad Weather Films production.  On December 19th, Syd was invited on the Covino & Rich Show in New York City, to promote her "Victoria's Other Secret" Christmas video, and discuss Dating Advice For Men On New Year's Eve. The big highlight for the month of December was co-starring on the TBS Comedy Sitcom, "Men at Work" playing the role of a Kardashian girl. The episode is entitled, "Molly" (Episode #5 of the new season) and airs on Wednesday, February 12th at 10pm PST.

November 2013: Syd co-wrote and co-produced a Thanksgiving sketch with Camilla Cleese called "Gratitude" which was released it on the 24th and currently has 61,000 views on her Funny or Die channel. She also filmed 2 Christmas sketches which she will relase the names of once they are published. She had a supporting role in a short film called "The Life of Brad." Syd also had the pleasure of atttending many casting director workshops this month including Rick Messina, Beth Nelson, Joseph Wisiewsk, Fern Champions, Alyson Silverberg, Ani Avetyan, Jaime Castro and Jeff Greenberg's. She enrolled in UCB's sketch writing program and continues her training with UCB's Impov program in 301 as well as taking ongoing acting classes at Lesly Kahn's. "Right This Minute" featured her video "How To Twerk with Seniors" on their show. Playboy Radio interviewed her about her upcoming videos and previous video's Nov. 1st. CBS Man Cave did an article on her which can be found here: Lucky Magazine also had an article about her: She filmed an episode of Hell's Kitchen as a celebrity guest. (Watch out for air date.) She finally reached over 10,000 followers on YouTube. Lastly, she wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukkah! :) 

October 2013: Syd had her video "How take a Slutty Selfie" featured on the homepage of Funny or Die. (which now has 110,000 views on her Funny or Die page.) She also reached 410,000 views on her "How to Twerk with Seniors" on her Funny or Die page. She shot a skech for Rooftop comedy with Jon Huck. She booked a supporting role in Georgia King's film "Your Hands." She also had a stand up show in The Main Room at The Comedy Store on the 9th and at Flapper's Comedy Club on the 20th. She shot a comedic web series "The Protectors" where she played a fun role as a villian Juggz McJuicy. She shot with one of her favorite photographer's Josh Ryan. Las
tly, she co-wrote, produced and starred in one of her newest video's "How to girl GIRLS to LIKE your dic pic." Which was featured on the homepage of Funny or Die and currently has 170,000 views on her Funny or Die channel not including Funny or Die's Youtube channel. 

September 2013: Syd shot her 2nd sketch video "How to Twerk with Seniors." She met with Neiche Media and Complex magazine to spread the word on her video and upcoming projects. continues to take classes at Lesly Kahn's. She also celebrated her birthday!!!

August 2013: Syd reaches over 50k on her parody "How to take a Slutty Selfie." She also performs at The Comedy Store on the 16th with The Greg Wilson in Brian Monarch's show and at The Improv on the 25th with Lesly Wolff's "Fresh Faces of Comedy." 

July 2013 - Syd
 lauches her parody she co-wrote with Megan Grano, produced and stars in called "How to take a Slutty Selfie." Syd also shoots an 8 page feature in Kandy Magazine. Syd has stand up shows at The Haha Cafe on the 17th at 8:30 and at Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank on the 24th at 8:30. Lastly, she enrolled in Rick Messina's cold reading workshop as well as Lesly Wolff's comedy workshop. 

June 2013 - 
Syd perfoms her first show at The Comedy Store on the Main Stage on the 5th. She also got the opportunity to play a fun supporting role in the indie drama "Mining For Ruby." Directed by Zoe Quist and filmed in Fairbanks, Alaska. Syd also films a parody she co-wrote with Megan Grano, produced and stars in called "How to take a Slutty Selfie." Lastly put together her newest comedy reel. Here's a link:

May 2013 - Syd has a show at Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank with Pretty Funny Women on the 2nd. Here's a link to her performance if you missed it: She also produced and stared in a parody for Funny or Die appropriately called "Boobs" with Hillary Lowe. Here's a link to the video.

April 2013- Syd shoots great new shots with Danika Singfeild and also enrolls in Johnny Meeks 301 class at UCB as well as Lesly Kahn's comedy intensive. Syd also does a fun Emojicon shoot for Arsenic Magazine. 

March 2013 -  Syd hosts a playful segment with Sports Buddyz Sports Cheat Sheet and Underground Network, Here's a link: ( She also got the opportunity to go to London for the opening of The Book of Mormon. Lastly, she had a great head shot session with Kenneth Dolin.

February 2013 - Syd hosts a fun segment on Sports Buddyz Sports Cheat Sheet with Underground Network. Here's a link:

January 2013 - Syd books a role as an angel in Seth Rogan's "This Is The End." 

December 2012 - Syd wishes all of you a very HAPPY HOLIDAY SEAON!!! :) 

November 2012 - Syd signs with Robin Meyer at the Bobby Ball Agency for theatrical.

October 2012 - Syd signs with Mei Ly at the Bobby Ball Agency for print.

September 2012 - Syd's sketch on "The Doctors" airs on the 10th. Go to for your local listing. 

August 2012 - Syd booked a sketch on the T.V show "The Doctors" where she gets to parody the music video "Baby Got Back." She also did another parody music video with comedians Dwyane Perkins and Kwame. Syd filmed a web commercial for Grand Marnier with Hillary Lowe. Syd enrolled in UCB and Marki Costello's ongoing hosting workshop. 

July 2012 - Syd posts her character "Charity Bangs" on YouTube. She attends Marki Costello's weekend hosting Bootcamp. She also shot a short film "Porno" with writer / director Robert Romeo. (which has no nudity.) 

June 2012 - Roger Corman's tv movie "Piranahaconda" aired June 16th on the Syfy channel. Syd's episode of Tosh.O aired June 19th where she plays an Urban Spelling Bee Cheerleader. She filmed a pilot presentation "Centerfold Chefs" created by Carrie Stevens and Brande Roderick. Syd shoots new photos for her modeling portfolio with her dream team Deja Jordan and Katarina Van Derham. Syd films her first character sketch she co-wrote with the very talented writer-director-performer Megan Grano.

May 2012 - Syd booked a supporting role in a Funny or Die video "White Privilege" starring James Davis. She also booked a supporting role in Candance Brown's pilot presentation of "The Candy Show." Syd signed her 2012 Vegas Baby Benchwarmer cards that are on sale now. Lastly she booked the British MTV hidden camera prank show "Mark Wright's Hollywood Nights."

April 2012 - Syd performs stand up April 5th with Pretty Funny Women at Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank.

January 2012 - Syd booked a co-starring role in the pilot presentation of "The Men's Room"


November 2011 - Syd booked a supporting role in the film "The Love Section"  with Mekhi Phifer directed by Ronnie Warner. 

October 2011 - Syd booked a co-star in the pilot presentation "Rality Inc." 

June 2011 - Syd did her 1st stand up show with Lisa Sundstedt's "Pretty Funny Women" @ Flapper's Comedy Club!

May 2011 - Syd booked a supporting role in the SyFy tv movie "Piranhaconda" directed by Jim Wynorski produced by Roger Corman. She shot a Funny or Die video with Krista Allen to promote She booked a lead role in a short film "The Fabulous Life of Niaz." She also started taking comedy classes at Pretty Funny Women with Lisa Sundstedt. She continues to take improv at Second City.

April 2011 - Syd booked a lead in a 3D Comedy Pilot "Evil Bikini" directed by Juliano Brotman. Syd shot new head shots with the lovely Theo and Juliet. She also added some new pictures to her modeling portfolio with the always wonderful Deja Jordan and Katarina Van Derham. 

March 2011 - Syd just started Courtney Burr's intensive at Margie Haber Studios. 

January 2011 - Syd booked a supporting role along side Brian Callen in another Comedy Central pilot "Shady Delivery" directed by Justin Michael and Jacob Reed. She also booked a lead role in the short film "Speed Dating" and shot her 1st series of  Benchwarmer cards. She is the newest Benchwarmer model to date! 

November 2010 - Syd enrolled in Sam Christensen's "Image Process" intensive.

September 2010 - Syd booked a Co-Star spot on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" portraying Bristol Palin in a JMZ episode with Mikey Day.

August  2010- Syd shot a supporting role for a new Comedy Central pilot "DwayneBook" with Dwyane Perkins. Syd's PADI tear sheet is also available on news stands now. "Destination Weddings & Honeymoons"

July 2010- Syd will be shooting a supporting role this month in the Sci-Fi movie "Super Shark" directed by Fred Olen Ray.



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